Virtual Riding Lessons

Take the Lead Horsemanship, LLC is excited to announce, virtual riding and coaching lessons. Perfect for the rider who wants help with their horse or riding but is unable to do training or haul-in lessons. This is also the best way to get professional feedback from your horse show. Virtual lessons are done in 2 options:

Live-time video lesson  $35

A half-hour lesson will be scheduled for a certain day and time. Have your friend or spouse FaceTime or Skype during your ride. Critique and homework will be given, just as if an instructor was at your barn.

Video analysis lesson    $25

Have a friend or spouse record a video or multiple videos to equal up to 10-15 minutes of riding, ground work, or horse show classes. You are then responsible for uploading your video(s) to YouTube or Facebook. Once the video(s) are received, a time is scheduled for a half-hour analysis lesson over the phone. Homework will be provided to help you with your goals.

What should be included in the video?

The initial video should be made to show off your current skills and areas of improvement. Videos should be recorded with the entire horse and rider in full frame. A good distance for the recorded lesson is important. Choose a spot where you won’t have to move around to film the horse/rider. No need for commentary, videos will be played back muted to avoid distractions.

***Bad lighting, shaky footage, video from too far away (so the horse is miniature on the screen) are hard to give feedback for and will not be accepted.***